Amity Ag Solutions Inc.

Agriculture Products

We have an extensive line of agriculture products available including:

  • Grain Bags
  • Silage Bags
  • Silage Covers
  • Patch Tape for grain bags, silage bags and covers
  • Net Wrap
  • Bale Wrap

Please contact us for pricing on grain bags, silage bags and covers or if you have any further questions on these products.

Grain /Silage Bags

  • Feed sealed as filling the silage bags
  • Less waste from field to bunker with the silage bags
  • Enhancing fermentation process
  • Tri-extruded U.V. protected in both grain bags and silage bags
  • 2 year warranties on both grain bags and silage bags
  • Black / White –8ft to 12ft diameters
  • Bag lengths –100ft to 500ft
  • Thickness – 8ml to 10ml
  • 9ml + recommended for storage in grain bags

Silage Covers

  • An effective storage practice provided piles are covered daily as you fill
  • Pack your bunker piles on the slope to efficiently compress oxygen out
  • Tough durable low ML plastic available in 5ML & 6ML
  • Black / White sheeting –24ft to 120ft widths & 100ft to 1000ft lengths

2 in 1 Silage Covers

  • Combi technology with 2 films in 1 roll
  • Has the O2 barrier underlay plus the silage film all in 1 roll
  • 6.6ML thickness
  • 24ft to 66ft widths & 100ft to 1000ft lengths

Bale Wrap

  • An efficient storage practice provided bales are wrapped within 8 hours of baling
  • Amity is committed to providing researched products of the latest bale wraps suitable for all makes of wrappers.
  • Seasonal warranty

Net Wrap

  • Available in 48″, 64″ and 67″ widths & 7000ft to 11800ft lengths

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